Releasing God’s Anointing

Mel BondIn his powerful book “Releasing God’s Anointing“, Mel Bond explains a step-by-step approach of how you can help release God’s anointing for instant manifestations of miracles. Mel Bond explains how these simple, scriptural truths will empower you to become proficient in releasing the anointing of God, so people will be blessed and God will be glorified. By learning how to release these miracles you can bring in the greatest harvest ever for the Kingdom of God!

“Releasing God’s Anointing” will show you the importance of praying with your whole heart, without wavering or doubting in any way, to see healings and miracles manifest in your life and the lives of others who you are praying for.

Mel Bond offers a free copy of his book Releasing God’s Anointing” in PDF format, which you can view or print to help encourage you to operate in God’s anointing. So you can release God’s miracle working power, and see other people’s lives transformed and healed, by God’s Power.

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Jesus spoke to Mel Bond and explained to him how to release God’s anointing to meet people’s needs. He has carried this message to over 30 countries around the world conducting miracle meetings to bless people, glorify God, and win the lost.

Mel Bond is called to teach the End Time Church how to release God’s anointing. This miracle anointing for last day’s signs and wonders will usher in the great last day’s harvest.

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