King James Truth Version Bible

If you’ve ever read a verse that made you think God was cruel at times, you need the King James Truth Bible!

God loves you and wants you to be filled with His fullness. In Ephesians 3:19, God tells us that if we KNOW the love He has for us that passes all knowledge, we will be filled with His fullness.

Mel Bond has studied the original languages of the Bible intensely since 1974. In the King James Truth Version Bible, Mel has restored key words to their original meaning so we would understand that God is only unconditional love. These truths are easily identified in the King James Truth Version Bible as bolded, italicized and underlined words. He believes that knowing these truths will produce the Glorious Church, which will usher in the Last Days’ Signs and Wonders that will bring in the Great Harvest.

Read a Message from Pastor Mel about the KJTV Bible.

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The KJTV Bible is made with first-class genuine leather.
$125.00 for 1, or $200.00 for 2 (includes shipping and handling).