Unconditional Love Bundle

Offer #82

Several years ago, I went to heaven and was told I needed to tell the world about God’s unconditional love. Since that time, I have always read the Bible with a mindset of every verse showing unconditional love. If I found a word that was not reflecting God’s unconditional love, I researched it in the original languages of the Bible. I discovered there was always a word in the original language that could have been used that would have declared unconditional love. Then, in the fall of 1984, I went to heaven, where Jesus told me the greatest move of God that has ever come to earth would be a move of God’s unconditional love. It would bring into operation the greatest miracles, signs, and wonders upon the earth, which would bring masses into the kingdom of God. Ephesians 3:19 says that you will be filled with God’s fullness when you know God’s love that passes all knowledge. These books will help establish the truth of God being only unconditional love.